Saturday, 9 May 2020

Week 3 of the Team Burton food bank collections

Team Burton now has five collection points across the village.  Over the past 3 weeks we have had donations which have filled numerous boxes with essentials and a few little luxuries for the families supported by the Morecambe Bay food bank.

Along with the other communities that collect for MBFB we have amassed 5.4 tonnes of produce over the past three weeks. That's an astonishing amount being donated by people from all across the collection area, and the food bank team have sent us all their thanks for our, and your, efforts and your kindness in making this happen. 

You can see how the collection process works in this timelapse video from our neighbouring collectors at Holme. Morecambe Bay Food Bank time lapse video

Our boxes are collected every Wednesday by the food bank van, and donations can be left in any of them any day during daylight hours.  Thank you for your support!

Week 3 at one of the five Burton collection points - amazing!