Saturday, 20 July 2013

Wheels 4 Alex Quiz Sheets on sale NOW!

The Wheels 4 Alex Quiz!

The Wheels 4 Alex Quiz Sheets are now on sale, price £1 each. Each sheet has 50 questions - 46 of them have a connection with the word Alex, the remaining 4 have a connection with the word wheels - it's up to you to work it which is which and answer the questions. Each answer has an indication of the number of words needed for it. Some you'll know immediately, some may need a wee bit of thinking about, and a few will tax your little grey cells! If you get stuck, the answers to every question may be found by using internet search engines, so don't despair!!!

The quiz sheets need to be returned to us by 1st December, 2013, and there are small cash prizes for the first three all correct entries out of the hat. All profits from the quiz (that is all sales minus the prize monies) are going to the Wheels for Alex Campaign Appeal in aid of the new powered outdoor wheelchair for Alex Doherty. See for more details of the appeal.

If you would like to buy a quiz sheet, you can find them on sale at:
Burton Village Store & Post Office, Burton-in-Kendal
The King's Arms Hotel, Burton-in-Kendal
Mossdale Services on the A6 at Hale

Or, if you would like to buy one but are not local, we can post you one out for £1.50 (£1 for the quiz & 50p 2nd class postage) payable by PayPal (you can use the button below). If you would like multiple copies of the quiz, we can send up to 10 quiz sheets to you for the same postage rate of 50p, so just select the number of sheets you require and add the postage to the cost. Or if you don't like using PayPal simply send us* a £1 in an envelope along with a pre-stamped addressed return envelope and we'll post one to you.

*Address to post to is Wheels 4 Alex Quiz, c/o BurtonWeb,
4 Drovers Way, Burton, Carnforth. LA76 1HU