Sunday, 8 January 2012

Burton-in-Kendal author publishes 1st book: Moonbeams by B.J. Morgan

"A glimmer on the horizon attracted his attention. Earth's Moon was rising, as it had done for millennia and would do so for millennia to come. As he watched it climb, Paul remembered the fear that this sight had struck into the hearts of mankind..."

One galaxy, two budding Galactic Empires, a recipe for disaster? Follow the struggles of Jan Oremus, Demil Verne, Paul Trevell, Admiral Stern, and others as they make their first tentative moves towards escaping from the planet of their birth.

Barry says...

Moonbeams came to me in a flash (is that a pun?) some 30 years ago and has fought to see the light of day ever since. Often on the 'back burner' of life but the flame never went out. Now published on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing, an option for new authors that the digital revolution has made possible.

I was an industrial chemist for the greater part of my working life, and now am a self-employed computer repair technician (always had an interest in electronic things - fixing TV's when only a schoolboy.) Quite a change of direction, but after 33 years playing with smelly chemicals I thought enough was enough, and being made redundant proved to be the catalyst (once a chemist, always a chemist!)

Moonbeams by B.J. Morgan is available from Amazon: and you can meet the author here: Barry Morgan on Amazon

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Now available as a print-on-demand book from Create Space: and

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To boldly go.... into 2012

The recent news has been full of gloom and doom and despondency over the state of the economy and the effect this will have on businesses, but there is a school of thought that says, "if you talk it down, it will happen", so here at BurtonWeb we're adopting a more positive approach. We're blowing a large raspberry at the doom and gloom merchants and saying, "we can make it better", by supporting our local community in any way we can, and by not being made afraid by the media.

Whatever the doom-sayers say, the UK is not a poor country, just a badly managed one, so we need to let the decision-makers know what we expect of them and tell them to stop wasting our money (i.e. income tax, VAT revenues, road, tobacco & alcohol taxes, NI contributions, council tax, and whatever else they prise from us) and get themselves sorted. A positive mental attitude and a healthy dose of common sense would help us along enormously, so how about it? Let us boldly go in 2012...