Thursday, 21 July 2011

Broadband speed mapping

The Broadband Cumbria project is trying to establish where the hotspots and, more importantly, where the notspots - those places which do not get decent broadband speeds - are, and want your help to map them. Here in Burton some of us get good broadband speeds whilst others struggle to reach 1Mbsp or 2Mbps speeds, so to help work out a broadband map of the parish if you are in the Burton exchange area we'd like to ask you to take a speed test and then report the results to us.

It's simple to do: all you need is to visit and click the big button that says JOIN THIS SPEED WAVE and when it loads the test screen click the BEGIN TEST button on the left. The test will start and run a ping, a download and an upload test, and then show your results on the Speedwave page. (Note: due to the way that determining your location works it probably won't show Burton - ours shows London! but don't worry about that, it's more to do with where your ISP connects to the internet infrastructure  rather than where you connect to the internet!)

Once you've run the test please make a note of the ID number you've generated alongside your results and post a reply below along with a general indicator of where in the exchange you are - e.g. Main street Burton, Vicarage Lane Burton, Drovers Way, Dalton village, Clawthorpe, or if you're in Holme, Priest Hutton or Yealand  etc... then we'll start to build up a picture of speed variations across the exchange area.

The Speedwave will run for a while so as to give as many people as possible time to test their connections.

Please only add your results to the Burton exchange Speedwave if you are connecting from a phone line on the Burton Cumbria exchange - i.e. one which commences 01524 78xxxx or you'll skew our figures, thank you! 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Local democracy in action... your parish council

On the third Thursday of every month there's a meeting of the Burton-in-Kendal Parish Council at the Memorial Hall. Despite being open to everyone, there is rarely a crowded public gallery, which is a shame as the councillors seem to quite enjoy having people watch them deliberating over things affecting the parish and its populace.

Even more, they enjoy getting feedback from members of the public - whether it's a complaint or a compliment, the councillors will listen gravely and undertake to look into whatever is bothering you. As the lowest level of democracy it's often regarded as a bit ineffective, but let me say that's not how you should be seeing them as they've provided all sorts of useful facilities within the parish over the years.

Burton PC have achieved the coveted Quality parish status, which means they meet standards beyond the basics expected of them. To find out what it means to be a Quality parish council read here: and why not pop along one Thursday to see what they get up to - it's really quite interesting!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Missing things...

Two stories caught my eye this week: one on Thursday 14 July 2011, from a Twitter contact whose son had his Yamaha motorbike stolen from outside where he was having lunch in Dipton (near Consett in the north-east apparently). His Mum says the Police hold out little hope of it being found again, but just in case anyone does happen to spot it here are the details: Yamaha YBR Reg: NK58 DFO - if you spot it please let the Police know and send a Direct Message to @Dannyboy_37 on Twitter. 

Second story was from today's The Bay newsroom and worryingly concerns an 83 year old man who vanished Friday 15 July 2011 whilst apparently going for fuel for his lawnmower. 
83-year old James Hodgson was last seen leaving his Main Street home in Warton yesterday afternoon. He was going to get petrol for his lawnmower and was driving a silver VW Polo. James was wearing a light coloured shirt and trousers. Anyone who's seen him or his car is being urged to call police.
If anyone spots him or the car please contact Lancashire police on 08451 253 545 quoting log 1232 of the 15th July 2011.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Here comes the sun... no the rain... no the sun... oh heck!

The weather this week has been weird! One minute it's sunny and red hot, next minute thick leaden grey skies and pouring with rain, and yesterday we had thunderstorms. I can't keep up - should I wear sandals or wellies? Should I wear a t-shirt or a mac? Have a sun hat or a brollie? I know it's July, but the sun and rain is more like April, the heat like the Med. and the storms are like August, so what's happening? And why are the trees showing the first signs of autumn colours already??? Confused...? I am, and you might be too!!!  :)

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Feelgood factor

Today we've been out delivering the village magazines to the volunteer distributors who pop each copy through letterboxes all over the village. (Not our normal job, we were standing in for the distro manager who was on hols.) It's a great system and means almost every house in the village gets a free copy every month - a real team effort. The sun was beating down on us again - nice after the clouds and rain of yesterday - and everyone we met had a big smile on their face. It seems the feelgood factor from winning in the Jubilee People's Millions vote last week is still high, and the win seems to have put a bit of bounce in the step of everyone we met!

Monday, 4 July 2011

80 degrees in the shade

Burton isn't used to having temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade, I'm sure, but it's put a huge smile on everyone's face after the cold damp weeks of early June. I wonder how long the sunshine will last? There's been some cracking sunsets over the past few evenings as well and the light has been catching tree trunk sides and under-lighting the higher branches with a lovely golden glow.

Photoshoot for Lancaster Guardian today

Lots of us connected with Burton Memorial Hall's successful Jubilee People's Millions contest entry gathered in the Hall today to have our collective photos taken by a photographer from the Lancaster Guardian. They should be in the paper this Friday all being well. :)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Open Gardens at Dalton 3 July 2011

Under the National Gardens Scheme, there will be six Open Gardens in Dalton on Sunday 3 July 11am - 5pm.

Six gardens in Dalton will be opening for charity under the National Gardens Scheme:
Crow Trees Barn, 1 & 2 Bell House Barn, 2 Forestry Houses, Pear Tree Cottage and Russell Farm.

Home made teas will be served at Bell House Barn and a large selection of plants will be on sale at Pear Tree Cottage.  Please do come and support them.

Adults £4, children free.  More info: 01524 781624. POSTER