Monday, 27 May 2013

Children's Sports Day rained off

How sad that, after a few days of fine sunny and warm weather, the cold and wet returned today, causing the abandonment of the annual children's sports day races and stalls today (Spring Bank Holiday Monday). After all the hard work and planning by the sports committee the SPACE-themed parade made its way round the village before the clouds gathered again, the rain poured down, and races were stopped. The stall holders battled on awhile, but by 2.30pm they had accepted the inevitable and were packing everything away.

Some damp Daleks lay in a trailer, the TARDIS was parked on someone's driveway, and the chairs and tables were loaded back into vans for their return trip to the Memorial Hall. Lots of the younger men from the village were out doing a sterling job in horrible conditions, whilst some of the mums and kids sheltered on the bowling pavilion terrace, whilst others had given up and gone home.

Those looking after the still well-stocked burger and bun stall were planning how to migrate it all over to the Hall for tonight's family disco, whilst the team with the stop-me-and-buy-a-coffee bicycle stall were tipping water off their canopy before heading for a drier place. This is such a busy and popular event, and it's sad when it's rained off like this, but at least everyone will have this evening's family disco to look forward to in the Memorial Hall... and there may be a few burgers going too!